About Us

Made Consulting Ltd Oy is a Finland based, privately owned preclinical organization. With two decades of experience, Made is continuously supporting pharmaceutical, food, chemical and medical device companies by providing high quality and cost effective preclinical and consultancy services.

We have a wide collaboration network mainly across EU and India.

Our approach:

We provide both standardized as well as tailored services for each customer, project and molecule. Our objective is to help our customers run R&D programs faster, choose the right tests at the right time, and reduce attritions in clinical trials or failed registration.


My golden rule is: if you have to perform animal experiments,
do things right the first time using minimal number of animals

Mari Madetoja, Founder of Made Consulting

Ethics of MADE:

MADE strictly follows 4’R principle


When possible, alternative methods will be used to replace the use of live animals.


The objective is to reduce the number of animals used to obtain the necessary information and precision. Our experience helps our clients to:

  • design studies in a scientifically and statistically valid way
  • use only the minimum number of animals


We care about animals and animal well-being is the main consideration of our daily work assignments.


We at MADE understand our responsibility towards a Customer.

  • We realise the importance of timelines.
  • Scandinavian punctuality is our virtue.
  • We want to be the best partner for you.

MADE values honesty and transparency when in contact with the Authorities and the Customers.