CRO Management

Non-clinical Outsourcing and Management

  • Do you need outsourced non-clinical studies?
  • Are you looking for CROs which have exceptionally good records as far as deliverables and quality is concerned?
  • Are you looking for a CRO to formulate your raw non-clinical/toxicology plan into a strategic regulatory submission?
  • Are you looking for an expert who can evaluate, write and advise on non-clinical, toxicology, safety pharmacology and efficacy reports for regulatory submission?
  • Are you looking for a professionally managed company with an experts having years of experience in conducting and monitoring non-clinical studies?
– Then MADE is the right partner for you.

MADE can help you in identifying CROs, outsourcing and managing non-clinical studies portfolio. Typically dealing with outsourced studies involve two processes:

A) Identifying CROs

  • MADE helps you identify and perform technical audits of these CROs so that we can ensure that it suits your requirements.
  • We organize a tender round.
  • We have personally travelled to various CROs to audit them and evaluated their capabilities more precisely – we have signed partnership agreements with only those whom we think could be a best fit for our customers.

B) Managing CROs

  • We manage these CRO’s on behalf of our customers in order to ensure quality and timely delivery of a required information.
  • This service includes:
    • sending a test item to CRO (including custom formalities)
    • needed test item documentation (certificates/MSDS/TIDS)
    • study monitoring service (reviewing/accepting the study plan and the report)
    • scheduling as planned with the Client (deadline check)
CRO Managing Process


Our business models:
  • Full Time Equivalent basis
  • Per hour basis
  • Per project basis

The fixed prices will be negotiated before starting the project.