MADE platform for food industries

Our experimental data provides solid Proof-of-Concept for functional components prior to clinical studies. 

MADE provides in vivo testing services for the in-depth analysis of functional components including:

  • efficacy tests (animal disease models)
  • safety evaluation (non-GLP and GLP)
  • in vivo ADME analyses, including both small and large molecule (protein) ingredients
Our services support the selection of the most potential components and provide data for health claims in several therapy areas:

Cardiovascular in vivo models

We can scientifically support the health claims regarding your component’s:

  • Beneficial effects on high blood pressure
    • hypertension animal model
    • measurement of a component’s effect on arterial blood pressure and heart rate in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  • Cholesterol-lowering properties
    • atherosclerosis animal models
    • measuring a component’s effects on cholesterol values in diet-induced hypercholesterolemia in LDL-receptor deficient mice

Metabolic and intestinal in vivo models

We can scientifically support the health claims regarding:

  • Benefits on post-prandial blood glucose responses, long-term blood glucose control and increased insulin sensitivity
    • diabetes animal models
    • measurement of glucose concentrations in the blood at different time points after consumption using non-insulin-dependent diabetes model in order to clarify component’s efficacy on blood glucose
  • Benefits on gastrointestinal track
    • gastric ulceration induced on an animal by HCl, indomethacin, or ASA
    • assessment of a component’s beneficial effects on GI-track (prevents the development or promotes the healing of the stomach mucus)
  • Reduction of intestinal inflammation
    • chemically induced mouse models of intestinal Inflammation
    • assessing the potential of a component to reduce inflammation