Consultancy Service

Consultancy to both academic and industry partners

  • Toxicology risk assessments / evaluations / statements
  • Toxicological project plans
  • Safety assessment
  • Quality services:
    • QMS improvement
    • audit consultation
    • quality system consultations
  • Advisor in non-clinical projects

We offer a comprehensive set of stand-alone individual services with a fast delivery and a fixed price. However, the majority of the projects are customized studies based on specific customer requirements. We provide the needed expertise to assist in designing the optimum protocols for each project, and if needed, contribute our broad range of expertise to help our customers understand the best strategies to proceed with the preclinical development projects.

Our collaboration models:

  • Per Project Basis – We can take care of a complete preclinical development programs. We help you design strategies to plan, formulate and execute complete preclinical programs.
  • Per Study Basis – We can take care of a single or multiple studies with a submission of a final report and other data.
  • Quality and Auditing – We can assist you in CRO management by evaluating proposals from CROs and participating in quality check of historical data/quality system and validation studies.

Our business models:

  • Full Time Equivalent Basis
  • Per Hour Basis
  • Per Study Basis
  • Per Project Basis


  • The experience in running successful non-clinical programs
  • The flexibility to hire an expertise based on a different business model
  • The wide range of experience in both ISO and GLP fields
  • The experience that minimizes the risk of getting your non-clinical program spoiled or running non-clinical programs without investing into functional infrastructure and full time expertise for a single study
  • European Registered Toxicologist